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Subwoofer 2.1 Bluetooth, FM Radio
Shipped from overseas, takes 15-25 workdays.

Shipped from overseas, takes 15-25 workdays.

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Model : Polysonic MP-74 AC\DC


Bluetooth Connection

With this type of connection, you enjoy hassle-free pairing with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows you to copy songs and also enhance sounds of other devices without wire connection.

FM Radio

Apart from playing your albums, you can also listen to radio on this subwoofer. The audio device allows you to access your local FM radio stations and listen to news and your favorite radio shows

Adjustable Bass Levels

This is one of the best features of the Polysonic subwoofer. You can turn the bass level low or high to enjoy your desired volume. As for adjusting the levels, you can use control buttons or remote control which makes the task convenient, easy and also smooth.

USB Flash Disk and SD Memory Card

If you have music in a flash disk or memory card, then you can comfortably play it on the MP-76. The subwoofer has a USB port and memory card slot to allow you connect these storage devices.

Additional Features

First, there is an AUX In and RCA In which allow you to connect to other audio devices. There is also a remote control which makes it easier to operate the subwoofer.

Power and Energy Efficiency

Concerning the power, the subwoofer works with an AC/DC dual power supply. The RMS and P.M.P.O are 24W+15Wx2 and 5500W respectively. On the side of energy Efficiency, the device saves energy and is also safe on the environment.

Design, Material and Color

As shown in the photo, the subwoofer is classic, compact and also bold. When it comes to the material and color, it features plastic and wood, and the main color is black.


Shipped from overseas, takes 15-25 workdays.

Shipped from overseas, takes 15-25 workdays.


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